Wolfgang Gensow

As hobbyist I would like to thank you for your support and co-operation and all review once again how it all began and finally it has led to a very good result.  Music-,video- and photo processing along with the family tree creation on the Pc brought less and less mental work for me, a 76 years old pensioner.  For all activities have been more or less a listless routine.


In search of a new field of activity I came across the CNC-machining, a field that was completely unknown territory but that has fascinated me extraordinarily.

But there was a lack of knowledge and experience for the remaining matter environment beginning with the milling machine up to the actual material processing.  I did not enjoy a technical education but I always was a passionate hobbyist with technical interest and open for a broad range.

Daring and spontaneously I bought a milling machine with corresponding complete software for drafting and machine control.     But the results obtained did not meet the expectations after months of training.  Furthermore it follows for many months a never-ending checking out and training of always new Cad- and Cam programs.  

Finally I came across Condacam 2.1 in autumn 2012 and that was the begin of the today´s achievements.  From today´s point of view that was the magical moment of my long-standing efforts.  After a short online training of 3 hours by the firm Costa data technique and much personal use can I say today If I want something to build it is exactly was I am going to realize. 



Milling machine: Wabeco CC-F1210 (ball screw)
Medion-PC 8083 3.0 GHz Win XP

After milling-conversion in use:
Machine control: Mach3
with Smoothstepper
Step-motor-output-stage: TripleBEAST

from the autumn 2012 in use
CAM-Software: CondaCam 2.1



Thank you for the nice support conversation. As previously agreed I am sending you a photo of my component parts milled with Condacam.  You may publish the photos on your internet platform.



The projects I have drawn in Condacam, programmed and milled with my old cover FP5/ dialogue 11 control.  The data transmission runs from my modern Pc with 64 bit and Windows7 on a old Pc with Window 98 per USB stick without problems. There were no errors at data transfer up to now.

As unskilled CNC-user I am very glad that I am able to handle such things as a result of your Condacam training and support.  With hand programming surely it would have taken me a lot of time to get done with such component parts or many parts would have not been realizable.  By means of the visual 3D simulation of Condacam 2.1 you can locate and correct mental errors very fast.  

The company Classic-performance has been founded 2007 by Mr. Frank Stenke.  At first with products made from fibre reinforced composites. Since 2010 the product range is
complemented with CNC parts. Classic-Performance is specialized in prototype construction and small batches any type (focus classic KFZ-Technique).

Frank Stenke
Im Alten Dorf 5
29303 Bergen
Tel.: 05051-9190018



Metalworking Shop Kratzer

In the meantime I possess Condacam since March 2011. Years ago I had been searching for a low-price software easy to learn, then I came across Condacam in the internet per coincidence. Now after two years application I am still always satisfied with the system and convinced that Condacam can compete with other well-known CAM systems. 


Costa Data technique has trained and supported me from the time of beginning to a level which is very desirable.  With my special requests (Undercut with Lollypop miller, tool modification and so on) the both companies Silvia Costa data technique and 3D-M-Soft GmbH have thoroughly searched for solutions and after a very short time these found and realized.


The programming of the 2.5 milled parts is made to 95 % on Condacam.  The 3D parts are solely programmed on Condacam. I guess, it is about time to express my praise and also to show my respect. I hope that Condacam remains furthermore so successful.



DS precision engineering Schwarz

I did not regret buying Condacam.  I am very satisfied with the system.  Condacam I can everybody recommend, who is expecting much service for small money. 


As young service company we have been specialized in tool making and form construction in the sectors wire erosion and construction. In our spaciously laid out evenly tempered premises we take care of complex tasks such as:

- Development and construction
- Wire eroding / Wire erosion
- Starting hole eroding, CNC-milling
- Precision grinding and profile grinding

Our high modern machine park includes:
1x Sodick AQ 327 L Premium ( Wire eroding )
1x Sodick AQ 537 L Premium ( Wire eroding )
1x Hurco VMX 24 S ( CNC- milling )
1x Jung JF 415 Precision grinding machine
1x Huber 3525 CA ( with 16 way changer / DXF / ISO Modul ) ( CNC – bore eroding )

We use Condacam2.1 since may 2012.

Schwarz Feinwerktechnik (Precision engineering)
Dominic Schwarz
Salmbacher Weg 45
D-75331 Engelsbran

Telefon: 07082 / 4131948
E-Mail: info@Schwarz-Feinwerktechnik.de
Web: http://www.schwarz-feinwerktechnik.de


Mechaless Systems GmbH

Die neuen Funktionen mit dem Klick ins Feld und dann aus dem Modell die Fräsebenen abnehmen ist eine super Funktion, dies erleichtert vieles. Auch die neue Menü-Leiste am linken Rand finde ich hervorragend. WEITER SO....


Mechaless Systems GmbH
TRIWO Technopark Bruchsal, Gebäude 5108
Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 2-6
76646 Bruchsal

Die MECHALESS Systems GmbH wurde im Juli 2001 als Spin-Off eines führenden Mobile-Phone-Herstellers gegründet und ist Entwickler des patentierten optoelektronischen Messprinzips HALIOS® (High Ambient Light Independent Optical System). Basierend auf diesem Prinzip forschen und entwickeln dort engagierte und hoch qualifizierte Ingenieure in den Schwerpunktbereichen Optik, Hardware/Software, IC-Design und Feinmechanik.
Ihre Entwicklungen stellt die MECHALESS Systems GmbH als F&E Dienstleister im Bereich Optoelektronik zur Verfügung.

Die Firma Mechaless Systems GmbH setzt Condacam seit März 2011 ein.